Ask Nyan the Cat (NSFW)
Ka-Tac Nayn!


Let’s be a bit more realistic


Reblog this if you have under 200 followers -3-

…Hell, I got under 50, last I checked o3o

Also, feel free to add your Tumblr

Pshh… I can actually do that with my dick -_- What’s so special about it?

Pshh… I can actually do that with my dick -_- What’s so special about it?

So I guess I do promos now…?

But they’re not gonna be too effective until I have more followers myself~<3

Follow me, ask others to do it as well, and I’ll help you out the best I can~<3

And I don’t just do “Omg u hav 2 add ths prsn!!1!1one!”

I actually type out a custom message for each one, usually about as long as this post~<3

sersly who do u like on tumblr

Oh Anony, you so cute~<3

Ohai. I like your picture. I'm gonna follow you nao. Nyan Cat ftw :3

Thanks, I recolored it myself xD

If y’all wants a pic, I can always use the extra practice!

Hey peoples!


Please keep reading! And send me an ask if you stopped to read the alt text~<3

I’d like for you to go and follow (If not, at least just go and check out) this friend of mine:

She’s a good person!

And good people deserve great friends!

Are YOU a great friend?

(That’s a rhetorical question, by the way, I KNOW you’re all great friends x3)

C’mon, follow the lady! What’s there to lose?

(Answer: You’ve got nothing to lose, only a great friend to gain :D)

hey sexxxxxaaaaayyyyyy

hey anonaaaaaaaaay

Who is your tumblr crush...

I have a crush on Anonymous~<3

tumblr crush?